Designer, Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

Ian Golden is a software engineer, artist, and entrepreneur living in Denver. Originally from the Quad Cities, he freelanced his way through high school and was awarded one of two full-tuition scholarships to the Miller College of Business at Ball State. After 2 more years of freelancing in college, he left school for Indianapolis to pursue his business full time in 2012.

In January 2013, Ian formed Indianapolis Web Company, a web development consultancy catering to Indianapolis small businesses. In 2015, he renamed the company to United Web Company and opened a second office in Denver, Colorado. For 4 years, Ian was resonsible for delivering entire software and marketing projects for HIPAA compliancy startups, large real estate development companies, and other highly focused and established businesses. It was between 2010 and 2016 that Ian formed the basis of his professional software experience, including adopting Clean Coding (Uncle Bob’s CC), techniques like TDD/BDD, software pattern abstraction, and continuous delivery/integration. In 2016, he left consulting to join a funded startup, Bowtie.io, as VP of Engineering.

At Bowtie, Ian inherited a large legacy Rails application with thousands of active users. He was directly responsible for refactoring and decoupling services in the legacy platform. Along with maintaining the legacy code base, Ian was responsible for devleoping the technical foundation for the Bowtie Software Agency, which focused on developing custom web and mobile applications for startups in Denver. Ian authored multiple internal automation tools for Bowtie and led multiple projects from start to finish in Rails, React/Redux, and React Native.

Ian recently founded Headless Technology LLC to focus on developing bleeding edge technology in Augmented Reality and IOT.

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