Programming Bookshelf

I started stacking up my programming books this morning, and realized how much I’d gleaned from the writing of other programmers. It’s no coincidence if you go looking for answers, you’ll find them.

I’ve started a github repo where I’m holding the notes of this reading, and I’ll be getting all my recommended software books into a nice pretty little list on here. Since I’m in a new book every couple weeks, it should be fun to keep up to date.

Books gave me ideas in software. Writing software helped me learn how those ideas and patterns work. All of the books I will upload are written my likeminded programmers, who tend to agree on the subjects: testing/TDD, refactoring, design patterns, etc.

A few books that shaped me as a software engineer:

  • Design Patterns - Gang of Four

  • Clean Code - Uncle Bob

  • Pragmatic Programmer - Hunt/Thomas

Hopefully me documenting the notes/books I’m reading will inspire others, help them on their software journey. Looking forward to doing some open learning.

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