MacDown App & a nice little alias

The other day I discovered MacDown, a markdown client for Mac. Since I work at a software consultancy that heavily utilizes jekyll and markdown for day to day communication, this was a godsend.

Why use MacDown?

In general, you have to push up your files or any of your blog posts to see them fully formatted. That can be a pain in the ass when you’re trying to check formatted lists, bullets, code, whatever in Github markdown.

So instead, use MacDown and view/edit your changes immediately. The split makes it easy to keep track of your source if you like the markdown editor.

But that wasn’t good enough. MacDown has a CLI integration, which you can see here. Esentially the app ships with a binary your can use and symlink to create a global command. Here’s the docs on that -> Scroll a little less than halfway.

The docs will tell you to create a symlink like so:

sudo ln -s /Applications/ /usr/bin

Running the above command failed for me, with “permission denied”. And really I prefer to manage these symlinks via aliases in my .zshrc, so I ended up with this nice little alias:

# macdown
alias md="/Applications/"

# usage is simple
md <file>

Now I just use md <file> to open it up in MacDown. I love it.

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