Ways to Distribute Your Code

There’s a lot of ways to distrubute code. In this post, I care most about portablity and least about ease of use.

npm/gem/pip/cocoa/etc, the highest level dist.

These ae your high level distributions. Users of this package will have access to, at the very least, a full virtual machine that they can provision as needed to run your package.

linux/ubuntu/brew, OS packages.

A little bit lower level. These packages are directly installed as executables in your operating system (usually usr/local/bin). They can then be directly accessed form the CLI.

Shell Scripts

What’s more portable than OS packages? Simple shell scripts. All OSs are going to have a shelll and really just represent a cimplex interaction with the shell. Being able to paste a single file into the shell and run it is incredibly powerful, and super portable.

From Memory

The most portable way to distribute code: from memory. No dependencies (besides your lang, compiler, etc) Pop into any terminal and start working. The more you write, the more you remember!

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